I’ve been close to the sea for as long as I can remember. My first memories are joined together with sailing as well as competitive sailing in almost all categories, also in the coast of Ibiza. I’ve grown up in its waters and I’ve weighed anchor from its harbors on endless occasions.


Now I feel like I need to give back what I’ve taken from this land and for this reason I’ve started this entrepreneurial venture with Elías. Even though it temporally separates me from other of my great interests, the long ocean crossings, I know we’ll conquer new and fascinating horizons without sailing away from these coasts.

A sea enthusiastic young man, especially of boat sailing, I arrived in Ibiza by chance only three years ago.


In this island I found the perfect ingredients for happiness and from the very first day I knew that I would never get away from the island.


With this idea in mind, I left almost everything behind and I decided to start my first business adventure together with my friend Juan. This is my most important personal project.

Elías Garrido

About us

For the second consecutive year and thanks to the cooperation of all of you, Flamingo Boat Charter stays in Ibiza one more Summer offering charter services to the main places of interest in the island.


This year our new and modest fleet counts on a new member and with him the willingness which characterizes us has grown exponentially.


We hope to count on your collaboration again and this way to strengthen our relationships to offer a high quality service to the diverse people arriving at our coasts.

Juan Rodríguez

Flamingo Boat Charter Ibiza 2017